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Medical Disposable Insulin Syringe 1ml with 29G/30G Needle

Insulin syringes are made specifically for self injections and have friendly features: shorter needles, as insulin injections are subcutaneous (under the skin) rather than intramuscular, finer gauge needles, for less pain, and. markings in insulin units to simplify drawing a measured dose of insulin.


1 ml disposable insulin syringe


  • Manufactured from medical grade non-recycled polypropylene.

  • Unsurpassed needle sharpness and smooth plunger movement help make injections more comfortable.

  • Bold, clear scale markings help ensure accurate dosing.

  • The inerasable graduation permits are easy reading, available in 40 unites(Red) and 100 unites(Orange).

  • Ribbon packed in tough laminated film, highly resistant to puncture and tearing.

  • Disposable, Sterile, Ready for use.

  • Individual pack:Blister/Poly bag.

  • For single use only.


Ref codeSizeGraduationPacking
FCH200104U-4029 G×½´´100 PCS / Box
FCH200105U-4030 G×½´´100 PCS / Box
FCH200101U-10029 G×½´´100 PCS / Box
FCH200103U-10030 G×½´´100 PCS / Box

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