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Forlong Medical Gauze Roll
Types of Gauze Roll

Medical Gauze Roll in 4 Ply 100% Cotton CE Certificated

100% cotton.

Regular size: 36”X100Yard, 36”X100Meter

Regular mesh: 12 x 8; 20 x 12; 19 x 15; 20 x 16; 26 x 18; 24 x 20; 30 x 20, etc.

Regular yarn count: 40's; 32's; 21's, etc.

Good Whiteness and absorbency.

CE certificated.


Medical Gauze Jumbo Roll 100% Cotton CE Certificated

Absorbent Cotton Gauze Zigzag is mainly used for raw materials of medical accessories and 

clinical use of medical units.

Gauze fold in zig zag.

Made of 100% cotton gauze, easy to cut.

With or without X-ray threads.

Regular size: 90cm x 100m, 120cm x 100m, etc.

Regular yarn count: 40’s or 32’s or 21’s.

Regular mesh: 19 x 11, 19 x 15, 20 x 12, 24 x 17, 26 x 18, 30 x 20, 28 x 24, etc.

Packing: 1pc/PE bag.

Good absorbency.

CE certificated.

Absorbent Cotton Gauze Zigzag

Zigzag Gauze / Pillow Gauze are made of 100% cotton material, soft and with good absorbency and disposable. It is very convenient, clean, and tidy. Material is very breathable and skin friendly. Can be customized according to customers' sample, drawing, customer requirements, and any specifications.


Gauze fold in zig zag. 100% cotton. Bleached. Mainly for medical purpose.

With or without X-ray thread.

Regular size: 90cm x 100m, 120cm x 100m, etc.

Regular yarn count: 40’s or 32’s or 21’s.

Regular mesh: 19 x 11, 19 x 15, 20 x 12, 24 x 17, 26 x 18, 30 x 20, 28 x 24, etc.

Regular packing: 1pc/PE bag.

Good absorbency.

CE certificated.

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  • What is a Gauze Roll Used for?

    Gauze Rolls are used on injuries to absorb and minimize bleeding and put a protective cover over the wound bed. They have high absorbency and superior breathability. The unique weave of medical gauze rolls allows air to pass through the surface so that the wound site can receive oxygen for faster healing. Rolls of gauze are easy and convenient to wrap around the injury. They can be used as a primary dressing over the injured area or as a secondary dressing to hold the primary dressing in place.

Sterile Gauze Rolls      

Sterile gauze rolls are thin, absorbent dressings that are manufactured under special conditions to ensure that they are free of germs. They are usually used as primary dressings that are placed in direct contact with the wound because of their low risk of cross-contamination. Sterile gauze wraps come packed in their own special airtight packaging.


Non-Sterile Gauze Rolls   

Non-sterile gauze rolls are usually used as secondary dressings that back up a primary dressing and absorb any exudate that is passed through the first layer. They can also be used as primary dressings by applying some antiseptic topping. These gauze rolls come loosely packed in paper wrappings or sleeves.


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