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10cmx10cm Burn Dressing Sterile Paraffin Gauze

Paraffin gauze is made of 100% cotton gauze, 24-threads, sterile.
Ready-for-use tulle, impregnated with a hydrophobic neutral ointment base.
Does not stick to the wound.
Use for surface wounds and burns, for radiation injuries and leg ulcers, for dressings following skin grafts and dermatological indications.
  • FL-4031

Sterile paraffine gauze: 
1.It's anti-sticking to the wound. 
2.Remove without pain. No blood. 
3.CE,FDA,ISO approved

Product information:

1.Material:  100% cotton
2. Folding edge or non-folding edge available
3. It's anti-sticking to wound.Romove without pain,No blood.
4.Size: 5cmx5cm, 7.5x7.5cm, 10x10cm, 10x20cm, 10x30cm
           10x40cm, 20x20cm etc.
5.Blastic packing: 1pc/pack,2pcs/pack,5pcs/pack,10pcs/pack
6. Sterile: EO or Gamma
7.Note:personalized specifications as possible as customer's request.

1).Scratch and wound.
2).Second degree burns and skin plant.
3).Surgery of nails.
4).Surgical wound
5).Chronic wound: bedsore ,leg ulcer ,DIAB and etc

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