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Inflatable Disposable Anaesthetic Face Masks

High quality scented and unscented anaesthetic face masks that can be purchased as part of a fully customised anaesthesia procedure pack.
  • FL-1011
  • FLMED or OEM

Inflatable Anaesthetic Face Masks

UltraClear is a high quality range of anaesthetic face masks available in six sizes from neonate to large adult.  UltraClear masks are available unscented or lightly scented with pure-scent to minimise the smell of volatile anaesthetic agents.  Infant, toddler and child sizes are also available with a strawberry scent.


*Low mechanical deadspace

*Transparent body for optimum visual clarity

*Profiled facial cushion to facilitate optimum air-seal with the patient’s face, decreasing the incidence of facial pressure necrosis and associated problems

*Delicately scented to minimise the smell of volatile anaesthetic agents during gaseous induction

*Facial cushion manufactured from soft material, pre-inflated to approximately 7-10mmHg, with valve for air volume adjustment

*22mm fresh gas inlet located centrally over the patient’s mouth to facilitate fibre optic intubation and airway suctioning

*Supplied with 4-hook ring for use with a head strap

*Manufactured from latex-free materials

*Single patient use 

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