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Steroplast Cohesive Bandage 5cm X 4.5m

Non-woven cohesive bandage is an economic, hand tear, self-adhesive elastic bandage. It is soft; east applied, sticks only to itself and allows skin to breath. It can be used in many of the situations where you could use an elastic bandage. It is liger and more confirming to your shape

Steroplast Cohesive Bandage 5cm x 4.5m


  • Sticks to itself, not skin hair or clothes

  • Perfect for all taping jobs

  • Great 'blood spill' bandage after a head wound

  • Gives consistent support and compression

  • Flexible & comfortable

What is the Cohesive Bandage ?

Hand tearable bandage that sticks to itself and not skin, hair or clothes. Perfect for taping all joints including ankles, shoulders, knees and wrists. Can also be used as a 'blood spill bandage' for a head wound.

When can I use it?

It is widely used in professional sport, particularly football, where players use it to tape their ankles as it provides superior strength and allows them to still comfortably wear a football boot.

Cohesive Bandage is perfect for the treatment and prevention of ankle, wrist, knee and shoulder injuries. It is also fantastic when used as a compression bandage in the early stages following injury to help prevent swelling.

Also suitable to be used as a 'blood spill' bandage following a head wound.

Size: 5cm x 4.5m (2" x 5 yards)

How does it Work?

The lightweight non-woven design allows excellent ventilation through the bandage whilst its flexibility allows the bandage to conform to even the most awkward body contours, ensuring you will find this Cohesive Bandage comfortable to wear.

The combination of the elasticated yarns and latex cohesive coating ensures the bandage stays in place for extended periods of time whilst providing the correct level of support and compression consistently.

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