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What are the instruments used for surgery?

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What are the instruments used for surgery?

Many instruments are used as surgery supplies, these high-quality surgery supplies include scissors, tweezers, clips, needle clips, electrodes, knives, blades, retractors, and fiber optic headlights. The following article shall tell you more about these instruments.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are the surgery supplies?

How do you sterilize surgery supplies?


What are the surgery supplies?

Surgery supplies vary greatly in different areas of surgery. General surgery supplies can be divided into five categories by function:

1.    Cutting and dissecting tools: Scalpel, scissors and saw are the most traditional.

2.    Grasping or holding tools: This mainly includes pliers and clamps. It can be roughly divided into traumatic (broken tissue) and non-traumatic (tissue preservation). There are many examples available, depending on the field.

3.    Hemostatic tools: This includes surgery supplies for stopping bleeding. A classic example is arterial forceps, which clamp blood vessels directly to stop bleeding. Sutures are also often used, assisted by a needle holder. In resource-rich countries, burning and related tools are increasingly used.

4.    Retractors: Surgery is often thought to be primarily concerned with exposure. There are a number of retractors that are used to expose body cavities that come into contact during surgery. These can broadly be either by hand (usually by junior assistants) or self-preservation.

5.    Organize and unify instruments and materials: This will include surgery supplies (such as needle clips or staple dressers) that help unify the organization. The materials themselves are also included.


How do you sterilize surgery supplies?

To prevent the spread of HAIs, all hospitals must have an attack plan. The germ warfare strategy for surgery supplies of a hospital consists of the following steps:

1.    Cleaning: cleaning of the surgery supplies must be done before a high level of sterilization or disinfection can be performed.

2.    Disinfection: this is the second step, where liquid chemicals can be used to kill non-spore-forming bacteria on the surgery supplies.

3.    Sterilization: you can use several sterilization methods to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and vectors, such as bacteria and spores on the surgery supplies.

The degree of sterilization or disinfection depends on how you intend to use these items. Whether a surgery supply requires a high level of sterilization, a low level of sterilization, or a high level of sterilization depends on its position in one of three categories:

1.    key objects: an example includes surgery supplies in contact with sterile tissue.

2.    Semi-cortical objects: an example of these surgery supplies includes endoscopes in contact with the mucosa.

3.    Non-critical objects: for example, the stethoscope only comes into contact with the entire skin.

The pros and cons of a particular technique must be considered when selecting a sterilization or disinfection process for the surgery supplies. When you follow these recommendations, sterilization and disinfection practices of the surgery supplies in hospitals and other health care facilities to reduce infections associated with contaminated patient care will be greatly improved.


Sterilization kills all microorganisms and spores on the surgery supplies. Autoclaving is the most common method of surgical instrument sterilization, but dry heat sterilization and chemical sterilization agents (ethylene gas, hydrogen peroxide gas plasma, etc.) can also be used. Hope that this article can give you a better concept of surgery sterilization of the surgery supplies.

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