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What are the types of oxygen masks?

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What are the types of oxygen masks?

With the development of science and technology, more and more people start to use oxygen masks. When users are planning to use oxygen high flow masks, they are not familiar with so many types of masks and their concrete functions. As a result, here are some types below.


l  What are the types of oxygen masks?


What are the types of oxygen masks?

1.         The first type is the simple oxygen mask: The oxygen concentration in an ordinary room is about 21%. The oxygen mask is suitable for an oxygen concentration of 30%-60% which is medically necessary and is usually made of plastic. These oxygen masks are fixed to the patient's mouth with a flexible headband. Such as simple medium-concentration oxygen masks, have holes to allow carbon dioxide to escape, and fresh air can be mixed with oxygen.


2.         The second type is the reservoir oxygen mask: These oxygen masks have a reservoir.  Non-breathing oxygen masks and partial re-breathing oxygen masks vest in this category. This cover is used to transport high-concentration oxygen. Some re-breathing oxygen masks, such as the Hudson RCI adult high-concentration oxygen masks, provide 70 percent to 90 percent oxygen, while non-re-breathing oxygen masks provide more than 90% oxygen.  The oxygen storage mask does not have any openings to restrict the flow of outside air. The reservoir oxygen mask can be divided into three concrete uses.


First, military aviation oxygen masks: it is mainly used by pilots, because the higher the plane, the greater the atmospheric pressure outside the plane, the cabin oxygen will become less and less, then the pilot needs to breathe through the oxygen mask to reduce their own oxygen deprivation. An aeronautical oxygen mask is the main personal protective device for pilots, and it is the key point of the man-machine interface. It has the highest frequency of use in the actual flight and is the closest to the human body. Its protective performance plays a very important role in ensuring the oxygen supply and survival of the pilot in high altitude flight. Aviation oxygen mask to avoid the threat of high-altitude hypoxia, to ensure flight safety, played an inestimable role!


Second, civil aviation oxygen mask: is mainly used for civilian aircraft. When the plane takes off, atmospheric pressure on the plane outside has the effect of pressure, the cabin will be pressurized by atmospheric pressure, oxygen will become thinner and thinner as the plane rises, passengers will appear dizziness, nausea, and other manipulative symptoms. At this time, an oxygen mask is needed to maintain the life and health of patients.


Third, medical oxygen masks: the oxygen storage system is composed of a mask, an oxygen storage bag, a T-shaped tee, an oxygen delivery pipe, and a fixed component. It is mainly used for patients with cerebral hypoxia and dyspepsia. Oxygen is injected directly into the oxygen storage bag, and the mask is placed on the patient's face with the mouth and nose closed. The mask is attached to the patient's head using a retaining member and oxygen is inhaled.


To sum up, an oxygen mask is a comprehensive mask made of plastic. It is a simple tool to provide oxygen to the patient who needs it. It connects the mask to the oxygen tank body with a thin tube and places the oxygen disposable mask on the patient's comprehensive part to allow the patient to take oxygen in case of life-threatening breathing difficulties.

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