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How to Use Gauze Bandage

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Gauze bandage is necessary when we are hurt, but do you actually know it well? Do you know why we need to use gauze bandage? When we need to use it, do you know the proper way to use it? And when we want to remove it, do you know the right way to remove it? The content below will answer the questions asked above.


List: 1. Definition of Gauze Bandage

         2. Function of Gauze Bandage

         3. Time of Using Gauze Bandage

         4. Way to Apply/Tie Gauze Bandage

         5. Way to Remove Gauze Bandage


Definition of Gauze Bandage

Gauze is a kind of cotton fabric with thin and longitude. It belongs to textile raw materials and cloths. It is characterized by sparseness and obvious grid. Gauze can be divided into two types of gauze, including pure cotton gauze and polyester cotton gauze. The bandage is a gauze band that wraps the wound or the affected area. It is a common medical product. There are many different types and various dressing methods. It is necessary to select the appropriate type and dressing method according to the injured part.


Function of Gauze Bandage

Gauze bandages are common and very versatile thin, woven and breathable fabric bandages that can be used to fix dressings in place or directly placed on wounds to keep them clean while allowing air penetration to improve healing. There are many sizes to choose from. Some bandages are pre-impregnated with non-toxic hydrogels or other anticorrosive materials. The most common function of gauze bandages is the material used to secure and protect the injured area. It is an essential medical consumable for surgery. The simplest gauze bandage is a single bandage made of gauze or cotton. It is generally used on the limbs, tail, head or chest and abdomen of the human body. There is also a gauze bandage which is more responsible for the complex bandage. The function of the gauze bandage is generally a gauze bandage of various shapes made according to the location and shape of the affected part, and the material used is also replaced by a common single layer cotton cloth. A double-layer cotton cloth can also be used to sandwich different thicknesses of cotton to increase the thickness of the affected area. The gauze bandage is also surrounded by a strip of cloth so that the medical staff can knot the patient's affected area. This gauze bandage Generally, the back waist gauze bandage, the front gauze bandage, the eye gauze bandage, the abdomen gauze bandage, and the like. There is also a special bandage gauze, which is generally used for fixed use in the limbs and joints of the human body.


Time of Using Gauze Bandage

Gauze bandages can be used for the fixation of any part of the body, especially those where the bandage is inconvenient to fix. Used in medical care, family self-rescue care, outdoor sports, field first aid, physical exercise, post-operative care and various sports injuries, it has a great auxiliary treatment for limb sprains, soft tissue bruises, joint swelling and pain, especially for treating veins. The swelling control after varicose and bone injury plaster can achieve a certain healing effect.


Way to Apply/Tie Gauze Bandage

Firstly, before the operation, the operator must use disposable gloves to avoid direct contact with the patient's wound causing wound bacterial infection. Secondly, the patient's wound condition should be clearly seen when using. If the wound is too swollen, it is not suitable to use medical gauze bandage. Thirdly, after unpacking, soak it in water for a few seconds, in order to make it play a better role. The temperature of water is generally 25 degrees. Fourthly, when dressing, we should pay attention to the tightness, not too tight, air-tight will worsen the wound, too loose will make dust or other foreign bodies into the wound, more unfavorable to wound healing and recovery. And the medical gauze bandage should be adjusted according to the patient's comfort.


Way to Remove Gauze Bandage

1. Wash your hands with soap and warm water before removing the old gauze bandage. Sterile gloves are also available. Wash your hands before and after using gloves. Clean hands reduce the chances of introducing dirt and bacteria into the wound.

2. Start carefully removing the old gauze from the wound. If your bandage covers your arms, legs or other hair areas of your body, it will move in the direction of hair growth. If scab has formed and gauze sticks to the wound, stop immediately to reduce scab shedding and cause tissue damage.

3. If the dressing sticks to the wound, it is recommended to wet the dressing. Pure water or salt solutions are acceptable when removing the stubbornness attached to the gauze. It is appropriate to use 1/4 teaspoon salt solution per quart of dehydration. For smaller wounds, you may not need as much saline.

4. Once the scab is fully softened, remove the bandage and dry the affected area or air-dry with a clean towel. Following instructions from health care providers, bandage the wound with fresh bandages. Put the dirty gauze in the garbage can and wash your hands again.


From the information showed above, you have already know what is gauze bandage, the function of gauze bandage, when and how to use gauze bandage and how to remove gauze bandage. We hope these information can satisfy you need.

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