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Intravenous Cannula with Wings And with Injection Port

IV Cannula with/without injection valve and with/without wings
Our Popular IV Cannula range, made of high quality virgin plastic, individually sterile and blister packed with unmatched quality.

I.V. Cannula with Injection Port & Wings, Sterile

Sizes : 14G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 20G, 22G, 24G, 26G


• I.V. Cannula with wings and injection port

• Sizes  : 14G to 26G

• Siliconised stainless steel ultra sharp back cut needle for pain free insertion.

• Flexible wide wings for easy and proper fixation.

• FEP Radiopaque three strip catheter with smoother inner and outer surface and tapered tip to ensure friction less insertion.

• Transparent flash back chamber to check instant venipuncture.

• Injection port with non return Silicon valve and colour coded cap for extra medication.

• Bio-compatible material used for longer indwelling time.

• Latex-free, PVC-free.

• ETO Sterilized , Single Use and Non Pyrogenic.

Options available : 

• FEP/PUR Catheter

• Hydrophobic bacteria retention filter

• Coloured Wings

• Packing in coloured paper

• Medical Kraft paper/ Tyvek

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